Quality control
Quality inspection and responsibility

Our stamping and deep drawing factory has got ISO9001-2015 quality system certificate.

MGX Metalworks Co., Ltd. ISO9001MGX Metalworks Co., Ltd. ISO9001 in English 


Our quality inspection method:

The following is the generally testing method for metal products.

anti-corrossive ability

salt spray testing

surface coating thickness

coating thickness instrument

powder coating sticking

3M tape and knife


rockwell hardness instrument


pluge gauge,male gauge




angle protractor


cleaning,acid washing,phosphating before powder coating

These are the liquid tanks for cleaning,acid washing,phosphating before powder coating.

powder coated structure goods

These are the powder coated structure goods

aluminum anodizing coating thickness inspection

Aluminum anodizing coating thickness inspection

Some client has special requirement on the surface treatment,such as powder coating anti-UV testing report,zinc platin salt spray testing report,RoSH testing report.We also can help customer to meet such requirement by third party.


For raw material,if client has requirement,we can offer material quality certificate copy picture similar as the following:  

raw metal material quality certificate


For powder coating,if client has requirement,we can offer MSDS report for coated powder similar as the following:

MSDS report for coating powder


Our responsibility :

Our goods will be inspected by our inspection team in our workshop.Before every next process,the parts will be inspected by our people to avoid unqualified parts flow into the next step.

Especially,after the goods is ready and during packing,our people will check the goods quality carefully again.Such inspection will avoid unqualified goods shipping to client.

If client really find unqualified goods when they receive the goods,we still take responsibility for it.We will check what causes the problem.If it is really because of our mistake,we will replace in next time shipment.