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steel side leg frame

Unit price: USD8.00/pc - USD16.00/pc FOB Guangzhou China Loading port: Guangzhou,China MOQ: 1000-2000pcs/time Dealing time: 30 days

Steel side leg frame

Item No.: SLF0002

Size: 700x550x30mm

Material: 30x30x1.5mm mild steel square tube

Surface: powder coating in RAL light blue

usage: steel side leg frame in light blue color for classroom,laboratory,hospital,etc

We are grinding the welding place

We are grinding the welding place

steel side frame blank goods production

These are the blank side frame goods.The raw tube material we bought is very smooth.After coating the ready product will be very nice too.

venting hole at the invisible place of the frame

The venting hole (drain out) is useful during the zinc plating or powder coating to avoid the contained liquid damage the product and the coating.

We make this venting hole at the invisible place so that it will not affect the product apperance.

powder coating the side leg frame

The goods is being powder coated.

steel side frame goods packing

The packing picture of the ready side leg frame goods

SLF0002 coated steel side leg goods

Coated steel side leg goods

SLF0002 steel side leg used in the laboratory

These side leg frames used in the laboratory of institute,college,factory inspection room,or school.

Mention: This product picture just shows we have the ability to produce such kind of products.We can not sell this product to any other party without the permission of our original client.Welcome new clients offering design or drawings to us to produce.