Handle,post and bend tube

stainless steel post

Stainless steel post Item No.: SLH0013 Size: dia. 6.000" x 40.00" long Material: dia. 6.000" x 16 gauge (0.059") thick stainless steel 304 tube Finishing: brushed Usage: traffic warning post or road post FOB unit price: USD30.00-USD60.00/unit Loading port: Guangzhou,China Min Order Q'ty: 200units/time Dealing time: 30 days We only accept OEM. Client need send new design to us to produce.

If you want to find factory to produce stainless steel traffic post, road post, guard post, etc, we are the suitable supplier for you. You can send your project information to our mail box. Our engineer will check your project and reply you soon.

Our polishing people have good skill in brush polishing, mirror polishing. We can give you good polishing quality service on stainless steel products.

SLH0013 stainless steel road post 02

stainless steel post production

SLH0013  stainless steel road post surface

stainless steel post surface details

stainless steel post usage

stainless steel post can be used for parking,for traffic warning,or on the road

Mention: This product picture just shows we have the ability to produce such kind of products. We can not sell this product to any other party without the permission of our original client. Welcome new clients offering design or drawings to us to produce.