Handle,post and bend tube

stainless steel post

FOB price: USD20.00-USD40.00/pc Loading Port: Guangzhou,China Min Order Q'ty: 250pcs/time Supply ability: 2000pcs/time Payment terms: L/C,T/T,Western union,Paypal

Stainless steel post

Item No.: SLH0013

Size: dia. 6.000" x 40.00" long

Material: dia. 6.000" x 16 gauge (0.059") thick stainless steel 304 tube

Finishing: brushed

Usage: traffic warning post or road post

SLH0013 stainless steel road post 02

stainless steel post production

SLH0013  stainless steel road post surface

stainless steel post surface details

stainless steel post usage

stainless steel post can be used for parking,for traffic warning,or on the road