Round vision lite

od800mm round door vision panel kits

FOB price: USD20.00-USD30.00/set Port: Guangzhou,China Min Order Q'ty: 200-500sets/time Supply ability: 1000sets/time Payment terms: L/C,T/T,Western union,Paypal

od800mm round door vision panel kits

Item No.:VLFR0010

Size:od800mm (about 32")

Height: 50mm per unit (front piece and back piece together)

Material: 1.5mm thick cold roll steel sheet

Surface Finishing: nickel plated

Usage: for monitor room

We make toolings at first. It will take us about 30-35 days to make one whole set tooling,then we use the new tooling to test to make samples.After the samples are qualified,we use tooling to produce the goods.This is one tooling of this product.

od800mm round vision panel kits tooling

This is the blank parts of the round vision panel kits.It is not finished treated yet.It is only back piece.We are measuring the outer diameter size with tape.

round door vision panel kits size measuring picture

We are measuring one piece product (just one piece,not two piece) with caliper.

measuring the door vision panel kits with caliper VLFR0010

This is the ready piece round  door vision panel kits in nickel plating.The screw holes are dispensered on the product circel face.

back piece of the round door vision panel kits in nickel plating

The screws holes in countersunk shape so that the screw head will be flat to the produce surface.This picture shows how the screw in the hole.

the screw head for this round vision frame

The polished grain is clear on both back piece and front piece.As the product structure reason,the inside of the product is without any polishing grain.

polished grain of round door vision panel kits VLFR0010

The front piece (i.e. the outside piece) of round door vision panel kits is flat and without any screw holes.This is the whole set round door vision panel goods.It has included front piece and back piece.

front piece of round door vision panel kits is without any holes VLFR0010

This is the use picture from our client for the round door vision panel kits.Good quality! Good looking!

od800mm round vision lite in nickel similar use picture

Mention: This product picture just shows we have the ability to produce such kind of products.We can not sell this product to any other party without the permission of our original client.Welcome new clients offering design or drawings to us to produce.