Furniture mount bracket

UNC10-32 nut insert assy

Unit price: USD0.50-USD1.50/pc FOB Guangzhou,China MOQ: 2000pcs/time

UNC10-32 nut insert assy

Item No.: FMB0005

Size: 40x40x16mm

Material: 0.8mm thick cold roll steel sheet with UNC10-32 insert nut

Surface treatment: raw finish or zinc plated

Usage: fix in the furniture

The following is the production picture of nut inserts

10-32 nut insert assy back view

The back view of the nut insert assy

10-32 nut insert stand view

10-32 nut insert assy stand view

10-32 nut insert assy goods

10-32 nut insert assy goods

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