About Us
Confidentiality and Privacy

MGX Metalworks Co., Ltd. have produced metal products according to clients' design 15 years.We know patent protection is very important to our clients,or to our clients' client.Whether clients sign confidential agreement with us or not,we always keep clients' design and drawings as secret.We strictly abide by confidentiality and privacy rule on our business.

Even if one day our old clients do not cooperate with us or do not require us to produce their designed goods for them anymore,we still keep their designs and drawings secret and not sell to any other person.We keep secret for our clients as long as possible,20 years,or more!


Wen you visit our product page,you will find each page at the bottom with the following words.We abide by it.

Mention: This product picture just shows that we have the ability to produce such kind of products.We can not sell this product to any other party without the permission of our original client.Welcome new clients offering design or drawings to us to produce.