We have both hand spinning machine and cnc spinning machine.

Hand spinning machine can be use to produce small order or not regular order gods in different size,different thickness.This require the people with good experience to control the product quality.

cnc spinning machine can produce goods more uniform than hand spinning machine.But cnc spinning require big and stable order quantity.Moreover,cnc spinning mchine only can used to produce small size product.

Currently we only can produce spinning parts no more than 2-3 mm thickness.round housing,round holder,round tank,lamp reflector,round plate,round bottle,round tank,round cover,etc are can be produced by spinning process.

This is the our hand spinning machine.It is not new,but it can produce good quality goods for you.

hand spinning machine

Our skilled people is producing big size round disc goods with hand spinning machine

our skilled people is producing big size round disc with hand spinning machine

the following dia600-800mm round housing,round tank,round cover,round plate is produced by hand spinning machine.

dia600-800mm round housing is made by hand spinning machine

This is the cnc spinning machine

cnc spinning machine

The following goods can be produced by cnc spinning machine if the order quantity is big and stable.

dia180mm aluminum round lighting housing

dia180mm aluminum round housing

dia200mm mild steel motor cover

dia200mm mild steel motor cover

dia150mm aluminum lighting reflector

dia150mm aluminum light reflector

dia110mm aluminum round bottle holder

dia110mm aluminum round bottle holder