About Us
Company history

MGX Metalworks Co., Limited is a reliable manufacturer,located in Shidong village of Foshan city,Guangdong province of China.It is owned and operated by several partners who are born and grown up in the same village and with same interests on metalworks.

We have produced metalworks for customers from European countries,North America and Austrlia since the year of 2005.

The metal products we produced are used in the field of machine facility,industries,construction,home decoration,office furniture fileds and other metalworks.

We produce metal products with the following main process :

  • Hydraulic pressing and drawing
  • Punching and stamping
  • Tube mandrel bending by common bending machine or CNC bending machine
  • Common spinning and CNC spinning
  • Arc welding(TIG welding,MIG welding),carbon dioxide welding, laser welding

Our products are produced by skilled workers.And our engineers who has over 22 years experience in metalworks designing and processing can give you the following service:

  • Analysis of customer's drawings PDF,AutoCAD,Solidworks and other specifications,
  • Give customers suggestion if we find your design with shortcoming or if we find more economical way to produce customer's products.
  • Calculating cost in material and production process
  • Help customers solving other tiny problems.

When you visit our website you will find many metal machine parts or metal bracket parts.Most of them are designed by our clients and we produced for them.We have good cooperation experience with clients who have confidential requirement for their designed metalworks.Without clients' permission, we can not sell or produce the same products to any third party.We keep this regulation unchanged since we set up our company. We will keep this regulation unchanged continuously in the future.

Among all the above process,some process is done in our workshop,some process is done in our partner's workshop,depending on the product process requirement.No matter which process and at which place it is done,we will take care to produce and supply ready qualified goods to our clients in whole service including producing,welding,grinding and polishing,powder coating or electroplating,packing and exporting,etc.

In the future, we wish to supply our customers higher quality products. With our motto of "Trust as Strong as Steel", we are striving to gain trust from customers. If you have OEM metalworks production demand, please contact us without hesitation.